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The Sasqwatch Watch
Sasquatch—the mythical beast, scientifically referred to megafauna cryptid,  roams the uncharted forests undetected and unknown for centuries—is now the inspiration for a one-of-a-kind collectible—the Sasqwatch!

Designed with the big beast in mind—this cleverly designed timepiece has a rugged strap to stay secure in the thickest of hostile environments. The face itself is a tribute to the single iconic piece of evidence of Sasquatch’s existence—his mighty, massive footprint. Using the beast’s own arms to illustrate the time—this bigfoot watch is no hoax and will not only get noticed on your wrist, but will mystify and delight onlookers. Available in 4 colors—Charcoal, Bark, Evergreen, and Pink —it's a perfect gift for anyone who wants a once in a lifetime sighting of the unknown. Encounter time with the Sasqwatch!
Now only $24.95!

Buy all 4 for $100.

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Personalize your Sasqwatch with interchangeable foot cases.  Choose from 4 cool colors!
Only $4.95

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Sasqwatch Cases

Check out these Sasqwatch sightings! Send us your pictures of Sasqwatch sights today.  View more...

About Us
From initial conception in the late 1980s to manufacture in 2009, the Sasqwatch Watch has been a labor of love and fun. Bringing the legend of Bigfoot to the wrist just seemed like a natural thing to do. The more successful we become, the more we can give to the causes we support. Read more on our humble beginnings on our blog.

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Sasqwatch is found in these remote places on Earth! Doing what? Building schools. This is where a lot of our proceeds go.  See who we support.